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Sale! DynaVap M 7 XL Vaporizer

DynaVap M 7 XL Vaporizer

$90.00 $100.00

  • Extra length for handling

  • Longer path for vapor to cool

  • Tip has more mass for heat retention

  • Greater control over one hit extractions

  • Finless Tip design

  • Keeps your fingers cool

  • 20% reduction in heat transfer from tip to stem

  • Even extraction

  • Refined distribution of mass in the tip

  • Chamber walls help prevent scorching and hot spots

  • More airflow due to redesigned captive cap fitment

  • Increased convection heating vs previous models

  • Airflow control made simple

  • New airport design and ā€œPivotā€ style rocker

  • Microdose ready with ā€œadjust-a-bowlā€ feature

  • Streamlined design with a textured pattern

  • Pleasant new look and feel

  • Captive Cap engineered to ā€œclickā€ when heated to the optimal vaporization temperature

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    The DynaVap M is a highly acclaimed dry herb vaporizer by DynaVap. The DynaVap M 7 Vaporizer boasts a stainless steel build and is completely battery-free, allowing for versatile use at any time and location. With its ability to provide a variety of experiences, from microdosing to full extraction, the M is compatible with virtually any heat source, although a butane torch or Induction Heater is recommended for optimal flavor.


    The DynaVap M 7 Vaporizer is made from medical grade stainless steel in the USA, ensuring a lifetime of use.


    With the "M" 7, experience an unparalleled burst of flavor from your chosen herbs.


    Say goodbye to smoke. Discover a new world of enjoyment with the DynaVap vaporizer.


    Enjoy your vaporizer while on the go and doing any activity. Fits easily in your pocket.


    Save over 50% of your material with DynaVap vaporizers while still producing outstanding results.


    Simply use a heat source, such as a torch or lighter, to power your DynaVap vaporizer.


    Place your dry herb into the Tip chamber/bowl, then replace the Cap. Use a Torch or Induction Heater to heat the Cap until it clicks (this typically takes ~5-7 seconds). Inhale from the mouthpiece end and wait for the Cap to click again, indicating it has cooled down. You may choose to heat the Cap again for further extraction, or save your AVB for later use. Store your vaporizer for your next session.


    • DynaVapā€™s Signature Captive Cap

    • Ā Stainless Steel Tip: ā€œMā€ 7

    • Ā Stainless Steel CCD (Screen)

    • Ā High Temp O-Rings (2)

    • Ā Stainless Steel Stem: ā€œMā€ 7 (Standard)

    • Ā Stainless Steel Condenser

    • Ā Condenser O-Rings (2)

    • Ā "M" Stainless Steel Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece

    • Ā Stainless Steel Mouthpiece ("M" 7)

    • Ā High Temp O-Rings (2)

    • Ā Stainless Steel Condenser


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