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Adapters for Dynavap

We've mentioned it before and will never tire of mentioning it over and over again: We love the practicality and versatility of the DynaVap vaporizer! Why are they on about this thing, again, you ask? (Bet you guys are rolling your eyes.) We're on about it,  because you've just reached the section where we show you how to use a glass adapter for DynaVap to attach your vaporizer to your water pipe, thus transforming your water pipe into a vaporizing bubbler. More than meets the eye, right?

These glass adapters are, in essence, the opposite of the Bubblers for DynaVap. The bubblers turn your DynaVap into a portable water pipe, whereas these DynaVap adapters turn your water pipe into an extension of your vaporizer. In other words, your water pipe is now a water filtered vaporizer. Did someone say practical? We did! Add it to the ever growing list of DynaVap pluses. And because at the Stash Shack we like to think of all your needs before you do, we carry adapters for water pipes with 10, 14, and even 18mm fittings. So there's bound to be something that fits your pipe.

These are all alternatives to the classic DynaVap mouthpiece, but we like it when people have more than one option, so here you have them. You own a DynaVap, you own a water pipe... the dream is one simple adapter away. As proud sellers of these DynaVap adapters, we'd be happy to make this dream come true for you. 

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