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Display & Storage for DynaVap

How much do you love your DynaVap? Do you sit and stare at it in wonder? Do you? Well, don't be selfish and let others enjoy the beauty of your vape too. It's time for you to upgrade your vaporizer collection with a special display base made for DynaVap. Most of our available bases are magnetic (they are made for DynaVap, after all), so your vape will stand upright, looking pretty as it should. Other options include various magnets, so you can display ALL your DynaVap stems together in style and practicality.

We promise your precious DynaVaps won't just look good; they'll be kept safe from klutzy visiting (or local) vapers, curious pets, and of course, gravity. Yeah! We speak from plenty of experience! It's why we carry a range of options made just for DynaVap, from decorative wood bases that showcase your favorite stems, to DynaVap storage cases that help keep all your parts and accessories in one place, to the all-in-one DynaVap debowler and magnetic base.

Whatever your choice, with these options for DynaVap storage and display, you'll always be ready for your next vaping session with your DynaVap vaporizer. Were you looking for the official DynaStash storage case? Head on over to the DynaVap brand section. We have several options available for sale! And if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know. We'll find it for you. 

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3 Device Wooden Debowler Base for DynaVap


6 Device Round Wooden Base for DynaVap


Magnetic Stash Tube for DynaVap