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Carb Caps

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Diamond Cut Glass Carb Cap


Pinky Kitty Glass Slurper Set


Two Piece Terp Chain Slurper Set


Glass 3D Flower Terp Slurper Set


Toké Ball Terp Slurper Set


Baseball Bat Terp Slurper Set


Mushroom Pillar Terp Slurper Set


Glass Eyeball Terp Marble Cap


Glow in The Dark Glass Terp Slurper Set


Spacescape Glass Terp Slurper Set


Marbled White Glass Terp Slurper Set


Wig Wag Glass Terp Slurper Set


Glass Terp Screw and Marble Slurper Cap Set


Wig Wag UFO Directional Carb Cap


UFO Spinning Carb Cap


Dichro Slurper Marble Carb Cap Set


Glass Directional Saucer Carb Cap


Rubber Duckie UFO Carb Cap


Quartz Mini Directional Bubble Cap


Wig Wag Bubble Carb Cap


Puffco Peak Glass Replacement Set


Quartz Banger Kit with Spinning Carb Cap and Terp Pearls


Carb Cap Holder