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Arizer is a Canadian company known as one of the best, if not THE best dry herb vaporizer manufacturer. Why? Simple; for the past 16 years they have been using the highest quality components to produce vapes that are easy to use and clean, providing incredible flavor along with durability and versatility. What's not to like? They even back that up with a solid lifetime warranty for their heating elements.

Arizer vaporizers are available in all the best vaporizer forms, all of them focused on dry herb vaporization. Their desktop vaporizers are well known for their fast-heating ceramic elements, amazing flavor, and customizable delivery systems. Both the Arizer ExtremeQ and XQ2 feature interchangeable whip and balloon options, while the V-Tower delivers exceptional clouds exclusively through a whip. Every Arizer desktop vaporizer comes with a full set of replacement parts and accessories. If those are not enough, we also have Arizer accessories for sale at the shop, including replacement chargers, whips, balloons, mouth pieces, and remote controls.

In regards to portable vaporizers, Arizer has been known to win some prizes with products like the  Solo V2, which features pass-through charging and a pure borosilicate glass isolated vapor path. In fact, all Arizer vaporizers feature isolated vapor paths. It's what ensures the amazing flavor you get every time! So if you were looking to buy an Arizer, you've made a really good choice. It's an excellent brand and we can help you acquire the best possible Arizer vaporizer for your budget.

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Arizer Solo 3 Portable Vaporizer


Arizer Solo II Max Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer


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Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer


Arizer Solo v2


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Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer


Arizer Solo Replacement Battery Pack


Arizer Air Dual Battery Charger


Arizer Solo Plug and Play Power Adapter


Arizer Solo2 Wall Charger


Arizer Solo Battery Charger


Arizer Air Charger


Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower 3' Silicone Whip Kit


Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower Long Whip 3'


Arizer Solo Car Charger


Arizer Air Car Charger


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Arizer Air Battery


Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower Power Supply