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Quartz Banger Sets

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Full Weld Halo Blender Quartz Banger Set with Chained Carb Cap & Terp Pearl


Full Weld Diamond Bottom Quartz Slurper Banger Set with Glow In The Dark Terp Sluper Set


Etched Quartz Charmer Banger Set With Quartz Cap & Quartz Cone


Etched Pattern Full Weld Terp Slurper Set with Carb Cap and Jumbo Terp Pill


Lotus Etched Quartz Blender Banger Set With Quartz Carb Cap & Terp Pearls


Terp Recycler Quartz Banger Set with Bubble Cap & Quartz Insert


Quartz Tower Full Weld Banger Set with Quartz Cap, Quartz Pillar & Ruby Core