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Specializing in concentrate vaporization, Dip Devices are well known for their lifestyle focused designs, direct-to-dab tip technology, and their compromise with social change. (A portion of the sales of each device are donated to organizations that support their favorite causes like environmental conservation.) As their focus is mainly on concentrate vaporization, their products are famous for their portability and multi-functional uses.

For example, the Evri Dip Device is one such multi function vaporizer that can do it all. The Evri comes with separate attachments that are designed for a specific uses, like wax or oils. The Evri Starter Pack features some of these attachments: the innovative Vapor Tip Atomizer that allows you to vaporize wax right from its container and a double purposed attachment that can be used for 510 cartridges or refillable e-juice pods. Dab, vape... it's all in the attachments. And Dip Devices continues to innovate with new attachments for their Evri design. They recently released a their first ever flower burning attachment! So this is a vaporizer with continuously evolving technology and upgrade capacities.

And let's not forget the Little Dipper, Dip Devices' tiny, yet mega mighty dab pen featuring their direct-draw Vapor Tip with three heat settings for optimal consumption. The little devil was named Best New Product of 2021 for a very valid reason. We highly recommend it. We also carry replacement vapor tips and crystal atomizers for your convenience, so check the accessories section before you check out today. 

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