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The makers of XVape vaporizers have been producing vapes since 2010. Specializing in handheld vaporizers for both dry herbs and waxes, XVape is known for practical innovative products at affordable prices. Their most popular portable vaporizer is the XVape Aria. Costing less than $100, it's hard to beat such a versatile product for that price. The XVape Aria features fast heat-up times, isolated airflow, precise temperature control with a full ceramic conduction chamber, and haptic feedback technology to let you know when it's ready to go, making your vaping smooth and easy with both herbs and wax.

Other favorites from XVape include the XLux Roffu with revolutionary convection technology, zirconia jewelry-grade cooling spiral, ultra fast heat up times, and a replaceable battery that ensures a longer lasting vape. No wonder the XVape brand is expanding at such a fast rate.

One of our personal favorites is the XVape Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer, it's a desktop and portable wax e-rig rolled up into one cool vape that even comes with wireless charging capabilities, a hand-blown borosilicate detachable bubbler, and removable quartz atomizer. Who says no to a vaporizer like that? Not us. And you shouldn't either, so take your time exploring our XVape section and make sure to click on the Tommy Chong kit and the XVape Fog. They're becoming more popular every day. Were you looking for Xmax vaporizers instead of XVape? They're over on a separate section right here. Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions. Happy vaping! 

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XVape Tommy Chong Aria Kit


XVape Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer


X Vape Aria Ceramic Water Pipe Adapter


Xvape Aria Ceramic Mouthpiece


XVAPE FYRA Dabstar Edition Replacement Dip Heads


XVAPE FYRA Replacement Dry Herb Head