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Induction Heaters

How much do you love your DynaVap vaporizer? Upgrade it right now with an induction heater made precisely for the job. If you own a DynaVap, we bet you love it a lot, but sometimes you run out of gas or simply want to ditch the torch. That's understandable! The perfect solution is an induction heater made just for your DynaVap.

What is a DynaVap induction heater? The name is pretty clear. It heats up your VapCap without needing to use the torch! In effect, like most dab heaters, it will open the doors to effortless vaping and make you supremely happy. But how do these things work? The induction heater has a heating element inside a chamber shaped just like the DynaVap captive cap. All you need to do is place your herb or concentrate-packed DynaVap into the heating element (it fits perfectly and remains upward) and wait for the clicks. It's ready! Vape to your heart's content. When you're done, place your DynaVap on a magnetic base or heat resistant mat to keep your surfaces from staining or burning with the heat.

We're telling you, these induction heaters are supremely practical, so get one. This whole array of options and extras are why we love the DynaVerse so much! You should too. NOTE: Be careful! The DynaVap will be just as hot as if you used a torch. It's why we recommend using a base or mat. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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