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Bubblers for DynaVap

You love vaping with your DynaVap. Who doesn't? You also love your bubbler water pipe. Why wouldn't you? It's only natural that you often struggle to decide which one to use. Well, who says you can't use them both? No one. Enter the DynaVap bubbler. What is a bubbler for DynaVap, you ask? It's an adapter that, in effect, turns your DynaVap vaporizer into a water pipe. It adds an extra layer of cooling for your vapor and provides the ever-satisfying bubbling action that we've all come to love from any bubbler. Oh, you read that right! The DynaVap is the vaporizer that literally keeps on giving. As it turns out, it can be transformed into a water bubbler with just one tiny part. Who knew? Clearly, somebody did because now we have bubblers for DynaVap.

Whether you're looking for optimal water filtration or just the cool bubbling action, we have the best bubblers for DynaVap. These are specifically designed to fit your DynaVap 10mm tapered mouthpiece or tip and effectively transform it into a portable water pipe; so go ahead and enjoy a cooled, bubbly, perfect cloud of herb wherever you are, whenever you feel like it. We highly recommend you make one of these glass bubblers for DynaVap part of your vaporizing kit. It's next level and totally worth it. Happy vaping to you!

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