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Vapman Intro And How To Video


Michael and David’s love for this device made them want to keep it going and have taken over the project to continue manufacturing the vapman in their beautiful hometown were everything is hand crafted and locally sourced. 


When we first saw the vapman we were immediately impressed by the presentation. The vapman comes in a cool looking wooden box and includes all the accessories needed for maintenance and operation. 

It includes a brush with a spike in the end of the handle. This can be used to brush the golden heating chamber and keep it shiny while using the other end to poke out any stubborn debris. It also includes a small screwdriver to remove any of the screws necessary to replace the screen or metal springs. 

Another important included accessory is the vapman jet flame lighter. The vapman lighter is super well constructed, feels sturdy and has a very big butane reservoir. So running out of fuel during the day will not be a problem and will grant you further freedom with your device.  

The vapman torch comes inside a nice hemp fiber pouch for storage. By including the same lighter in every kit, vapman has standardized the heating process, producing similar results for all users. This comes in handy because the vapman does not have any notification when it is in optimal temperature, so having a standardized torch really helps with the usage indications, and provides new users with a established reference for learning the proper heat up times themselves.

Lets not forget the vapman itself which comes stored in the iconic vapman egg. The egg shaped storage case can store all the necessary items including the filling funnel and is made from hemp material in Switzerland.

All materials are sustainable, recycled and friendly with nature, which seems to be very important for the vapman company. This love for their natural surroundings translates to the product itself and gives it the organic, refined handcrafted look. It really looks like a device that has been crafted with extra care and with attention to detail. Any imperfection on a vapman will be highly noticeable due to the simplicity that brings beauty to its unique design. For this reason every vapman is carefully quality checked and hand signed by Michael & David themselves. This assures that the vapman looks perfect and is defect free when you receive it.


The minimalist approach in design also translates into functionality. The vapman is only composed of three main parts, the mouthpiece, the middle piece and the heartpiece.

The mouthpiece is a single component available in different materials. Wood, titanium, stainless steel, P.O.M., and boro glass. 

The mouthpiece fits into the middlepiece which houses the air holes and the stainless steel screen. The middlepiece is made from olivewood and it is attached to the heartpiece by a rod that locks into springs located on top of the heartpiece.  

The heartpiece, also made from smooth olivewood, houses the heat protective mica and the heating chamber. The heat protective layer is made of mica, a natural mineral which is totally innocuous, even at high temperatures. This layer not only protects the device but also acts as a heat reflector, making the device more efficient.  The heating chamber is made of 24 karat gold plated copper producing very high heat conduction for rapid heating.  The air nozzles are located  on the edges and are directed away from the heating dish element, this keeps the torch away from the air that enters and delivers fresh air to the heating chamber. 

The operation of the vapman is very straightforward. Just load your material into the heating chamber, use the vapman torch to heat the chamber from the bottom, and take a long smooth draw from the mouthpiece.

Although the operation is straightforward each step does have its tricks to get it to function optimally, and for this reason the device does have a small learning curve. Follow these tips and after a few uses you will become a vapman expert, enjoying flavorful vapor in no time.

First, grind your materials to a fine grind. A fine grind will increase surface area and heat will distribute more easily through it. Use the included filling cone and place it on top of the oven. To insure your material is loose, throw it in as if you were adding a pinch of salt to food. The vapman is such an efficient microdoser that a little is all you need. Do not overfill the heating chamber, it is better to let your materials be loose and leave a little space for air to travel through.

One of the most critical steps in operating your vapman is heating the oven. Once you master this you are home free. And it is very simple. Adjust the flame of the lighter by using the diameter of the center screen as reference for the flame length. Once the lighter is adjusted, heat the oven by placing the tip of the flame directly to the tip of the oven on the bottom of the device. Make sure the flame is in a 90 degree angle and is as straight as possible so that the flame divides with the tip of the cone shape and heats the oven evenly.

With the vapman it is better to heat your material slowly. The vapman oven is very conductive and will heat up quite quickly. So to make the perfect balance, a good starting point would be 3-4 second intervals of heating and cooling. Heat up for 3-4 seconds and let cool for 3-4 seconds and then repeat this 2 more times for a total of three heat and cool intervals. At this point a small stream of vapor should be visible exiting the mouthpiece. This is usually a sign that the vapman is ready.  After the vapman is already hot it could take less heating intervals to reach extraction temperature. Explore different heating intervals and times. That is what the vapman is all about, total freedom. 


The vapman does feel very different from other analog vaporizers at the moment of taking the draws.  The three built in brass nozzles of the heating chamber deliver plenty of fresh air to mix with the oven heat, creating nice convection and a very smooth draw. It is best to take long relaxed draws to enjoy the low air resistance and the super tasty clouds produced by the huge amounts of fresh air entering the oven.  Alternatively you can cover the air holes in the middlepiece while taking your draw to create more heat inside the chamber and enhance vapor production. 

The high airflow of leaving all air holes as is, is highly enjoyable. Also the vapor will be much cooler and less harsh as it is mixing with more air. We also believe this contributes to the vapman’s incredible capacity to highlight your material’s flavors and really excel in the taste department. 


Although there are other analog vaporizers in the market, which you most probably already own, the vapman has enough unique qualities to make it into any collector’s shelf. The vapman is the perfect little wooden microdoser and will make a little material go a long way, making it one of the most efficient vaporizers in the market, and the ideal daytime extraction device. 

The vapman delivers impressive vapor quality and has the ability to accentuate your material’s flavors. The design, presentation, and attention to detail of the vapman are all superb. The beautiful olivewwod, the unique shape, and quality of the materials really feel like your are handling an artisanal handmade piece.

The durability of this devices is very high and a properly cared for vapman can last you many years. This is what a vapman looks like after 15 years of use. Impressive, right? . 

To seal the deal the vapman includes all the necessary items needed for operation and maintenance all wrapped up in a beautiful box which you can use to store your vapman and all its accessories. 

The vapman does not have an indicator for when the device is at optimal temperature. For this reason it does have a small learning curve. When this is conquered, the device becomes very enjoyable and operation becomes habitual. Compared to other analog vaporizers, the prep and heat up time is much shorter. That makes up for the small capacity of the oven in the case you do not want to microdose and need to fill the oven multiple times. If you are a cloud chaser be aware that although it can produce dense clouds, the  vapman performs at its best when the materials are heated slowly. This way the although there is less vapor produced, the vapor will be much smoother and much more flavorful compared to other vaporizers in its category. 

If you are into other analog vaporizers you will definitely like the vapman. If you are looking to save some money on material or interested in microdosing then this is also a good option for you. When you get the vapman you are buying an Italian handcrafted device. These devices are built in a sustainable way by using natural responsibly sourced materials.  By manufacturing highly durable products less waste is generated.  We are sure that the unique vapman will find a place in your collection and that it will keep producing quality vapor for years to come.

Vapman Classic Olive Wood


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