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The Benefits Of Vaping

Vaping delivers the important components in your material cleanly. It heats up your dry herb to the point vapors are pulled from it without having any combustion. Combusted smoke has over 111 compounds including a wide range of toxins that can be avoided by vaping.

Less harmful side effects

‚ÄúThe final pulmonal uptake of the ingredients is comparable to the smoking of dry herbs while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.‚Ä̬† ‚Äst¬†Leiden University

Reduces the lingering smell of dry herbs

With a vaporizer it will be easier to go unnoticed when consuming your dry herbs. Smell is less and dissipates fast.


Although vaping is a healthier option some people still choose to smoke. This is happens because vaping has it’s cons too.


The traditional way of smoking is easier than vaporizing. Also sharing is easier with people who don’t vape. The repacking for sharing also makes it a time consuming ordeal.


Vaporizers are more expensive than just rolling a traditional joint.


The vaporizer needs to be clean for it to give you an optimal taste experience every time you use it. Brush it out after every use to avoid having to clean it more deeply because of build up. Tip: Remove al pieces that can be placed in water and dip them in alcohol overnight. Rinse after alcohol bath and dry thoroughly. And yes, more pieces to clean.


Batteries are pricey and some vaporizers can’t even have their batteries replaced. Also the wait time for charging is too much to bear for some.


Vaping is the healthiest way to consume your dry herbs but it also is more time consuming and expensive than traditional ways. As technology progresses and vapes get better? Do you think people will replace their joint with vape.   


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