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The Making Of A Glass Spoon Pipe

Nikos Flores, Puerto Rican artist, shows us how he makes an “A Fuego” Glass Spoon Pipe.

Nikos attended glass blowing classes in Murano, Italy. In his learning career Nikos was mentored by Eddie Bernard, Doug Ohm, Jennifer Pagliarini, Martin Janecky.

Since 2006 Nikos’s workshop has contributed to the glass blowing scene by mentoring almost all of the island’s glass blowers.

Look at his work here:

Be sure to visit the handmade glass section:

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Why is handmade glass better than imported glass?

You may say..  "I can buy a glass piece at the gas station for 10$". But know this. Not all glass pieces are created alike. Handmade glass pieces have superior strength and are guaranteed safe to your health. Remember, for a piece to have that prices manufacturers cut corners sacrificing quality.

Unique Design

Handmade pieces will never be identical. Therefore no one will have a piece that looks exactly like yours. Imported glass is mass produced (sometimes using molds) rarely using new creative designs, 

Safe Colors

Instead of using more expensive colored borosilicate sometimes imported pieces use toxic colorings to dye the glass from the inside. This is just dangerous and deceiving.

Pushed Bowls

In many cases imported pieces will have drilled holes instead of pushed to avoid smoke product tariffs. When drilled at their destination small glass particles are left as residue and represents a serious health hazard. 


All A Fuego pieces are properly annealed in an oven. This makes your piece super strong and durable. Sometimes imported glass is not annealed at all. This glass will be weaker and may break very easily because the stress from joining different glass colors together was never removed in the annealing process.


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