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Kandypens Crystal Review


The Kandypens Crystal is a top notch vape pen pack for natural concentrates like wax, shatter, or isolates. It very well may be utilized with concentrates. The 900 mAh pen has flexible voltage and a discretionary programmed session mode, and it controls a quartz wax atomizer with smooth and open wind stream. Unique in relation to common quartz atomizers with coiled-wrapped coils, the Crystal bowl is situated over the warming component. That signifies “Crystal” clear flavor is programmed! Furthermore, since no coil will ever contact your concentrate, cleaning is a breeze and the atomizer will last.

What is Included

The primary pack has the pen, atomizer and mouthpiece. The CRYSTAL comes in either black or white. The mouthpiece and atomizer are likewise sold independently, yet to get the pen you need to purchase the whole unit.

The atomizer and mouthpiece

The CRYSTAL quartz atomizer is the superstar here. Even though the quartz CRYSTAL bowl is difficult to find in pictures, it’s a full bowl situated over the heating component. That coil you find in pictures will never contact or burn your concentrate! It’s a super-straightforward atomizer to learn and utilize, yet it accompanies a few helpful highlights inalienable to its design.

How to use

Using the CRYSTAL is easy and straightforward. Simply load up to 0.1 grams of your concentrate into the atomizer, and screw on the mouthpiece. We felt that a little goes a long way with the Crystal. Then turn on the device with a quick five-click of the button.


The CRYSTAL has staggering execution for concentrates. It warms rapidly and equitably. Also, that wind current is magnificent, making each hit smooth and pleasurable.  With each sort of concentrate I’ve attempted; I’ve gotten outstanding flavor. The best setting for flavor is personal, however we like it on its main two settings — 3.6 V (red) and 4.2 V (blue). Yet, regardless of the warmth settings, flavor chasers will be fulfilled.

Battery Review

On a full battery,you can undoubtedly get a full day of vaping without requiring a charge. You can easily go out and not need to stress over the battery kicking the bucket. What’s more, if by chance you didn’t get the opportunity to leave with a full charge and it dies, it accompanies pass-through charging so you can utilize it while it charges.

On the pen, there’s a column of four vertical LEDs that gleam and relate to the charge status. The lights shine when you endure a shot. At the point when each of the four are lit up, it’s a full battery, and when three are lit, there’s ¾ of a charge left, etc.


Easy to use and clean

Atomizer will last a long time with regular cleaning

Stellar flavor

Strong effects

Adjustable voltage

Long-lasting battery

Pass-thru charging

Pen works with other 510-threaded atomizers

Lifetime warranty on the pen


Button has a dead spot on one side



The CRYSTAL is a top notch vape pen unit for concentrates. We recommend it to anybody that likes vaping concentrates while on the go, and particularly for admirers of unadulterated flavor. Obviously, in case you’re simply hoping to get ripped, the CRYSTAL can do that as well!

Get it now!!!


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