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An Intro To Terp Pearls And Why They Should Be In Your Dabbing Rig

You’ve probably noticed that some dabbers put little beads inside their bangers. Those little beads are called Terp Pearls and they are some of the newest and simplest accessories available that will take your dabbing to a whole new level.

Terp Pearls aren’t just pretty little beads that look cool (although they certainly look cool af); terp pearls are actually very functional elements in your dabbing setup.

So what exactly do terp pearls do? When used with a spinning carb cap or bubble cap terp pearls do two major things:

  • They help distribute heat evenly while maintaining the proper dabbing temperature longer inside the banger.
  • Spin, distributing your concentrate material around the banger so you can actually vaporize your entire hit. No more messy residue (waste) left behind.
  • A third benefit is that the spinning is simply awesome to look at.

Terp pearls come in various sizes and materials just like bangers, and just like bangers, the material they’re made of will affect heat retention and durability.

Borosilicate and ceramic pearls are cheaper, but they are relatively fragile, melting or cracking with too much heat or rapid temperature changes, making them less ideal for the task. For that same reason, most bangers are made of quartz and thus quartz pearls are usually a good choice, balancing out cost, heat retention, and durability.

Quartz Pearls

Will retain heat better, making your dab tastier. They are also quite resistant to thermal shock, which means they can be torch cleaned or dropped into isopropyl alcohol to keep them spic and span.

Ruby Pearls

Have superior heat retention that delivers optimal flavor delivery, but they aren’t that resistant to thermal shock, so care must be taken when cleaning them. Also, that red just makes for a really cool looking spin. Added bonus… they are UV reactive and will shine bright under a black light. You’re probably wondering… so no, they’re not real rubies. They’re produced in a lab to have the same qualities of a real ruby, but no one dug 10 meters deep to get them.

SIC Pearls

Are made of silicone carbide. They have a superior level of heat retention and conductivity and are also extremely resistant to thermal shock, making them pretty much the ideal pearl for any dabbing rig. They’re easy to clean with a torch, alcohol, or whatever method you prefer.

So how does one use these little pearls?

Simple; you drop one or two into your banger before you heat it up. When your banger is at the right temperature, dab in some concentrate and use a cyclone, bubble or directional carb cap to get the spinning going. It will definitely upgrade your dabbing ritual!! So when you set up your dabbing rig, don’t forget the terp pearls.


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