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8in Showerhead Recycler Dab Rig Review

"We absolutely love the iridescent plating on this, combined with the absolutely dreamy curves..."

Hey, what's up, guys? I'm ProblyStoned. And today we are going to be talking about the 8" Showerhead Recycler Dab Rig that you can pick up today from The Stash Shack. Let's check it out.

So first and foremost, I've been using this rig on stream for about three weeks now, and I am absolutely in love with it, and so is my chat.


We absolutely love the iridescent plating on this, combined with the absolutely dreamy curves that give this rig a very Whoville type feeling. It's just so unique looking.

It uses a 14 millimeter adapter so you can fit your 14 mm bowls, your bangers and your terp slurpers.

Although just a little bit of a warning. If you do use a terp slurper on the front, it can tend to make the rig a little top heavy. Just be careful with that. But it still totally works. I'm going to use a terp slurper in the example at the end of this video so you can check that out.


It also has a showerhead percolator which gives it incredible airflow and makes your hits much smoother and cooler. It's very, very nice. You also get the recycler function, which honestly, guys, I'm a sucker for a recyclers.

So like this cyclone action. Oh, my God, that's so good. That looks so incredible. The function on this is just God... It's absolute glee flawless. And I'm going to show you that right now. Let's check it out so you guys can get a little function shot here. Isn't that nice? Let's heat 'er up!!

Okay, First, we're going to give her a couple of test rips, make sure it's not too hot. Well, I like to live dangerously. No temperature gauge. Cheers!!

Man, that is a really, really nice hit. The function of the showerhead percolator combined with the recycler makes a really, really smooth hit.

This is perfect for the novice, the professional stoner, anyone can get in on this. It's an absolutely beautiful, show stopping conversation piece and it's wicked affordable. Make sure you snag one of these up today from The Stash Shack. I'll talk to you guys next time. Peace!


Showerhead Recycler Dab Rig 8"


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