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7.8 Swiss Splash Guard Dab Rig Review

"Great thing with this rig is since it has such a large base on the bottom, like almost a half inch thick on the bottom, it's not top heavy. So you can put a pretty good slurper kit on there.."

Hey, what's up, guys? I'm @problystoned. And today we're going to be going over the Swiss Splash Guard dab rig that you can pick up today from The Stash Shack. Let's check it out.

So starting off, it comes with a 14 millimeter adapter. This is going to be perfect for all of your 14 millimeter bowls, bangers and terp slurpers.


Great thing with this rig is since it has such a large base on the bottom, like almost a half inch thick on the bottom, it's not top heavy. So you can put a pretty good slurper kit on there... get some good weight on it. Marbles, pills, all the good stuff. It should be totally fine. I'm going to be using a slurper kit at the end of this example to show you guys the balance on it.

It also comes with a showerhead percolator, which provides great airflow for your hits and awesome function. I mean, just listen to the sound of that.


It also comes with a Swiss splash guard, which is super fun to say. This is a unique splash guard floating glass that sits in the center of the tube and then holes are drilled (not really drilled) from the outside to the inside, which allows you to actually pass solid objects through. It makes the illusion that your rig has holes in it and like it wouldn't contain the smoke, but it totally does. Very cool.


And also on top of all of that, you get a purple accent throughout the entire rig. The purple accent is on the neck, the Swiss Splash Guard, the showerhead and the base. It's very subtle. Until you come in and you're about to hit it, and you're seeing it from the top, all that purple lines up, and it just pops.
It becomes so, so vibrant at that point. Now, this thing's awesome.


One thing that I would like to mention is that, on the functionality of this, my recommendation would be keep your water levels low. Keep it right above the showerhead percolator and hit it gently. The Swiss splash guard is very good at protecting the splashback from the water. However, due to the nature of this rig, being kind of small and a little more dainty, it has a narrow tube here... So if you kind of lung thug it a little bit, you'll get a little wet. So just be careful. Hit it gently. It'll be totally fine. It has incredible air flow on it, like you'll see when I have the the terp slurper on there, the pills are going to spin perfectly and I'm not going to be drawing on it too hard.So it'll be it'll be fine.


Also, the glass on this is nice. Like.... it doesn't feel thin. Everything about this rig, even though it's small and dainty, is like thick boy. It's got really... I mean... the diameter on this glass has to be like, I don't know, a quarter inch or something. It's thick, which is really nice. It has like solid weight for something that's pretty small. I think that pretty much covers all the features on it. Let's see how it rips.


We're going to be using the Lotus Etched Slurper Set also from The Stash Shack...

... The patented @problystoned "Does it taste like fire" technique? But it's tasting less like fire. All right. Cheers, y'all.

Oh, I think the function on this is so smooth. This is a great piece again, for everybody all around. Very easy to use. You obviously have minimal water usage that you got to do. So cleaning is going to be easy peasy.

I love this rig. Ten out of ten. Make sure you snatch one of these up on The Stash Shack today. I'll see you next time, guys.


7.8 Swiss Splash Guard Dab Rig


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