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6 Arm Perc Beaker Water Pipe Review

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"The beaker itself is a classic beaker design, but it's elevated with these bevels at the bottom and the top, which really give it this elevated classiness."

Hey, what's up, guys? I'm @problystoned, and we are back at it again with another review from the Stash Shack. Today, we're going to be talking about the six arm tree perc beaker that you can snag from them today.

Smoother Smoke

Starting off with the fact that I have been using this piece for about a month now, and I'm not going to lie... It's kind of becoming my daily driver. I have an 18 inch bong that I normally use for my flower hits, but this has been kind of replacing it lately, just purely over how smooth the hits are.

Thick Glass and Classy Looks

Starting off with the thickness of this glass. If you've ever wanted a piece that seconds as a home defense, this is the perfect water pipe for you. The glass itself is about an eighth of an inch thick throughout most of the rig, with the thickest parts being the neck of the downstem, as well as the mouthpiece. About a quarter of an inch thick or greater.

The beaker itself is a classic beaker design, but it's elevated with these bevels at the bottom and the top, which really give it this elevated classiness. It's almost “Diamond esque”, you know. It's very, very nice

6 Arm Tree Percolator

You also get the six arm tree perc, as the name would suggest, which provides really good smooth hits. It cools down your smoke for you, really, really allows you to enjoy your medicine.

Ice Catcher

And if you even want a cooler hit, above that is a small ice catcher, which you could toss a few ice cubes in. Just a pro-tip... Make sure to rinse those off first before you put them in. That way you can be kind to your lungs and avoid irritation.

Practical & Very Stable

The piece itself also uses a 14 millimeter female adapter so you can put any 14 millimeter bowl, banger, slurper, even an e-nail or e pen will fit in there. It won't tip your rig over. It's very, very stable.

Various Color Options

The color accents on this are awesome. You get a color accent around your neck of the downstream as well as your percolator and your mouthpiece, and they come in five different colors.

You got black, two different colors of green and two different colors of blue. So you can really find the color that you like, that fits your personality and just snag that one up.

Use and Function

Water levels on this should be at about half of the beaker and then I find that just underneath the perc, like the canopy of your tree, provides a really good function.

With that being said, let's take a look at the function and take a look at a hit.
Ohhhh... Yeah, that's going to be nice.
Cheers, y'all!

Ooh, nice... Yeah. That provides such a smooth hit. I'm telling you, it's on my 18 inch bong. That would be messing me up. But that was so smooth. It doesn't burn your throat. The percolator really does its job.


It's a perfect rig for any level of stoner, and it's also great as a travel rig because it only weighs about a little over a pound and it's about 11 inches tall.

If you got a really nice carrying case, this is a perfect travel rig, but also because of how classy and beautiful it looks, it's a great coffee table piece. You know, it's solid. It'll stay there. Honestly, I love it. It's great.

Ten out of ten. I highly recommend.

I will catch you guys next time. PEACE!


6 Arm Perc Beaker Water Pipe


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