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If you're looking for an online vape shop that carries all types of vapes and helps you make the best choice for all your vaping needs, look no further; you've reached the best online vape shop that exists in the intangible universe of the world wide web. What's the best online vape shop? The Stash Shack, of course!

What is Vaping? 

At the Stash Shack we love how vaping has revolutionized the world of dry herb consumption and we aim to help it grow. First off, what is vaping? Vaping is short for vaporizing. Basically, instead of smoking (which is carried about through the process of combustion), vaporizing cooks the herb in hot air without burning it, so you get clean, flavorful vapor instead of smoke. One can infer how this may be beneficial. Yeah! So can we. Believe it or not, the vape has actually been around for almost a hundred years and, at this point, it's basically been, dare we say, perfected. Any good vape shop (online or otherwise) will carry an array of vaporizers ranging from the big and showy desktop vaporizers, to the very discreet, sleek, and actually fashionable vape pen. There are as many types of vapes today as there are dry herbs to fill them up with and, of course, we want you to find yours at our shop, so feel free to write us an email or chat and ask us any questions you might have on vaping, vaporizers, and the best type of vape for you.

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UFO Induction Heater


XMAX Qomo Micro E-Rig


XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer


Universal Glass Adapter for DynaVap


3D Glass Cooling Stem for DynaVap


XMAX QOMO Bubbler Silicone Cap


Rattler Glass Cooling Stem for DynaVap


Portable Glass Water Bubbler for DynaVap and Davinci IQ


Golden Thermal Sleeve for DynaVap


Vortex All Glass Cooling Stem for DynaVap Cap


XMAX QOMO Atomizer


Dip Devices Little Dipper Vaporizer


Glass Coil Cooling Stem for DynaVap


Beaded All Glass Cooling Stem for DynaVap Cap


Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules 40 Pack


Dr. Dabber XS


3 Device Wooden Debowler Base for DynaVap